Impact of Rumors and Fake News on Stock Market

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Dr. Kalim Khan, Prof. Mohd. Osaid Koti


The effects of assumption and managerial base on incorrect statements with fake rumor can be extremely intense as well as undoubtedly deadly in today's financial sector. by means of the advent of the Internet and other new communiqué technology that make it easier for propaganda to increase it's become significant for manager investor with additional interested parties to increase a improved perceptive of the services that cause rumor and the popular effectual strategy intended for commerce with them. This article explains how the indecision and unease caused by unclear situation along with a well-built craving for in turn can commonly contribute to the creation and spread of rumor in big business settings. in spite of the fact that financial rumors have established small study notice the novelist highlights some important distinctiveness that come into sight to differentiate them from rumor regarding supplementary parts of commerce operation such as additional succinctness a short continuation series.


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Dr. Kalim Khan, Prof. Mohd. Osaid Koti. (2021). Impact of Rumors and Fake News on Stock Market. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(14), 6094–6097.
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