Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT) was founded as an international journal from the reflection of information technology (IT) especially for mathematics education idea. We are intended to combine computers and mathematics as "information technology for mathematics education" in this journal because of the fact that a recent indication of the increasing range of work for researchers and educators comes from two sources; computers and mathematics education. We are fortunate that technology provides us with windows to look at education from new ways. 



We can pose many appropriate research questions and conduct many innovative research studies in our field. 
These fields mainly include the topics as below:

  • training in-service mathematics teachers on IT through in-service courses,
  • training pre-service mathematics teachers on IT through undergraduate programs,
  • understanding how students learn mathematics and solve problems,
  • identifying what student learn and think in mathematics,
  • assessing and evaluating mathematics curriculum,
  • designing and producing distance learning tools for teachers and students.

Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT) will contain articles on these topics or related issues with these topics. These topics are dynamic and open to change. TURCOMAT as a journal in this field is also undergoing change and development. This journal will include articles that are international, scholarly, refereed and organized by editors. Surely, this journal will grow with your supports as readers and researchers. We are enfusiastically waiting your manuscripts for next issues. We have greatly enjoyed reading the articles submitted to the current issue of this journal. We have also greatly enjoyed meeting new authors to discuss their research approaches and conclusions.