Cartography And Management Of Food-Insecure Areas In Garut

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Rina Rifqie Mariana, Mohammad Efendi, Malizal Widaningsih


The objective of this research was to investigate the situation of food insecurity and its handling in Garut District, West Java, Indonesia. An analysis based on the national food insecurity indicators and the Food Insecurity Atlas has identified food-insecure areas, resulting in nine indicators reflecting the three pillars of food security, i.e.,food availability, access to food, and use of food. Results on food insecurity status show that priority 1 belongs to the nine villages under study 1. The local government has imposed five policies to address food insecurity, i.e., 1) setting up a monthly program called the Food and Nutrition Security System, 2) direct assistance in the form of food staples, 3) developing the Food Security and Vulnerability Atlas, 4) improving food access, and 5) developing self-sufficient villages. These attempts are quite efficient. After three years, more areas have moved from Priority 1 to Priority 3 in food security.

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