Semi LocallS-LifitingMod.s

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Nada K. Abdullah, et. al.


To consider  is a commutative ring with unity, be a nonzero unitary left -mod., is known semi lifitingmod. if for every subm. N from  , ∃subm. A from N so that while  is semi small subm.from B.Semi Locall s-lifitingmod. is a strong form from semi lifitingmod., where an  -mod. is known semi locall s-lifitingmod. if has aunique semi  max.subm. N whileallsubm. B from , ∃subm. A from N so that while N ∩ B is semi small subm.from B.The current study deals with this class frommod.while give several fundamental properties related with this concept.

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