Bruguiera igymnorhiza (Mangrove leaf powder) for removal of Pb (II): Characterization, Kinetics, Isotherms and Thermodynamic Studies

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M.Krishna Prasad, et. al.


In this study green plant material Bruguiera gymnorhiza (Mangrove leaf powder) was used for the biosorption of lead (II) ions by Atomic absorption spectrometry. In a batch process, Bruguiera gymnorhiza was exposed to several aspects, pH (2-6) and temperature (25-55°C) in the presence of different lead concentrations (25-125 mg/L) for 2h. This paper studies the Equilibrium isotherms, kinetic and thermodynamic parameters calculations. The highest occupied lead concentration was found at pH 5 which was 97.6% at an initial concentration is 25 mg/L. The maximum lead accumulation was obtained at 25◦C as 10.044 mg/g in 125 mg/L at pH 5.0, and the minimum was at 55◦C as 1.821 mg/g at a dosage of 10 g/L and initial concentration of 25 mg/L. Lead adsorption increased up to 75 mg/L but did not change significantly in the 75–100mg/L range. Equilibrium data fit well to the Freundlich isotherm. The kinetic data follows the pseudo-first-order model. Finally, the adsorbent was characterized by FT-IR and XRD. The biomass of Bruguiera gymnorhiza is an optimistic and cost-effective, biosorbent for lead (II) removal from aqueous environment and adsorption capacity it‟s good, easy of sampling analysis, as well as availability

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