Artificial Intelligence Based Mask Detection With Thermal Scanning and Hand Sanitization Based Entry System

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Ashlesha D. Mahalle,


According to the World Health Organization, the corona virus COVID-19 outbreak is causing a global health disaster, and the most successful safety measure is wearing a face mask in public places. As per reports, wearing a face mask while at work significantly decreases the risk of transmission. Hygiene refers to activities that support health and disease prevention, especially through tidiness such as hand washing. Hand washing will help prevent the spread of any illness that spreads through touch. A method of using artificial intelligence to build a healthy working environment in a manufacturing environment that is both reliable and cost-effective. A hybrid model combining deep and classical machine learning are going to be proposed for  mask detection. Images with and without masks make up a face mask recognition dataset. We'll use a Raspberry Pi to detect faces in real time from a live flux from our webcam. Infrared thermography sensors are best used for temperature measurement and non-destructive tracking. Structural Changes Changed Words Thesaurus Create a low-cost smart hand sanitizer dispenser with a Raspberry Pi-based door controller and an ultrasonic sensor to help security guards overcome obstacles at various locations such as bank gates, school gates, and hospital gates.

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