Developing A Thinking Strategy On Understanding Numeracy Among Students Of School In Hospital (SDH)

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Siti Rahaimah binti Ali, Anida binti Sarudin, Zuria Farhana binti Muhamad


This study aims to identify the level of numeracy comprehension, develop numeracy comprehension thinking strategy at the level of numeracy comprehension, evaluate and validate the numeracy comprehension strategy of students of school in hospital according to the level of numeracy comprehension. This research method uses quasi experimental. The results of this research are expected to provide a model of thinking strategies based on numerical comprehension models while helping students undergo treatment. Through this research grant is also able to identify the level of numeracy understanding for students in the School of Hospital (SDH) for marztghhthematics subjects. This study is a prelude to applying PRGS to develop an innovation that is an android game by applying a mathematical thinking model that is an innovation strategy in assessment to determine the level of numeracy comprehension in order to produce students with High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). Participant, hospital, predict outcome, need for the future. In order to achieve the aspirations of the Malaysian Education Plan 2013-2025, the development of a numerical understanding level thinking strategy is essential. Education in Malaysia needs to be delivered to all students whether they are in normal condition or in hospital treatment. Currently, there are only 15 hospitals in the hospital. The teachers in these schools are very limited and they teach in all subjects that are syllabus similar to those of the regular school. Therefore, for mathematics subjects there is a need for a model of learning and teaching that is all-inclusive and assessment-based to help teachers and pupils enjoy learning and at the same time thinking strategies can be developed in the minds of students. Therefore, a method of developing thinking strategies is essential in numeracy as well as focusing on the 21st century skills. Therefore, a thinking strategy needs to be developed to enable teachers to determine their students' level of understanding of numeracy.

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