Why We Need Fellowship With an Almighty God

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Sherill Kadmiel, et. al.


Why is fellowship with God important? How does it affect one’s life? God has created each of us with a purpose, He created Adam and Eve with an intention to have fellowship with them. He died on the cross not just to redeem us from our sins but also to develop a relationship with us, so the whole point of fellowship with God is based on one’s trust, faith and love for Almighty God. When we see small toddlers, we see that they are very confident as long as their parents are around them because they trust in their parents and so no matter what happens the toddler’s assurance lies in their parents and not their abilities or capacity, likewise we as children of God should have the same level of undaunted faith in the Almighty God, sometimes when walking through life it may seem beyond one’s comprehension or logic but following the Word of God and the instruction of God is a sure life saver, soring above the storms of life like the eagle who sores above the winds that blowing against it.


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et. al., S. K. . (2021). Why We Need Fellowship With an Almighty God. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(12), 1854–1859. https://doi.org/10.17762/turcomat.v12i12.7704