Explorative Study of Sport and Health in Burundi Country

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Gupo Matvayodha, et. al.


Sports have many effects on the human health, many various of sports are practiced in different country. The research aims were exploration of the current situation of sport and health in Burundi. This is an explorative research with mix methods. The sample study were 134 subjects taken by random. The data collection technique was Google form, interview, and literature review. Data were analyzed with descriptive statistic.The result showed that more than 50% from the surveyed population were sedentary, and the risk of health was strong high. Therefore, 9,7% or 13 subjects were suffering from diabetes meltus, 17,16% have hypertension disease,5,22% have hypotension, 2,23% have high glycemic, 3,73% have stroke, 13,43% have LDL cholesterol, 11,19% have cardiovascular diseases,17,16% have kidney, 5,22% were asthmatic,40,29% or 54 persons have eyes diseases, 5,22% have angina, and the last disease detected was the fatigue with in 74 patients or 55,22%   from the surveyed sample. The problem of food and drink were found as the causes of the above diseases, 75,3% have a lack of food, 73,9% drank under 2,5litres.In conclusionBurundi people still need more sensibilization about the effect of sports on health, and performance.


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et. al., G. M. . (2021). Explorative Study of Sport and Health in Burundi Country. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(12), 1766–1771. https://doi.org/10.17762/turcomat.v12i12.7684
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