Support Vector Machine based a New Recommendation System for Selecting Movies and Music

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P.Ilangovan, et. al.


The current advancements in information technologies made the usage of recommendation systems in our day to day life like ecommerce, shopping portals, and many Over the Top platforms. The OTT platforms play a major role in the entertainment industry. Today entertainment in the form of digital platform is expected for every human life apart from their work. When compared to all the other digital environment music and movie shows remarkable positive effects on human mind apparently human brain. Movie and music are remembered strongly when it is viewed by eyes then listening. Movies and music database got increased and even old movies are available at fingertips through our smart phones. The recent pandemic situation made a new normal environment apart from their regular duties users are facing a lot of challenges in choosing movie and music for them out of the millions in the database. In this paper, we are proposing a new movie music recommendation system using support vector machine. The new recommendation engine will recommend movies and music based on the previous search and users wish to save the time and effort of the users

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