Effect of Projet-Based Learning on the Creative Personality, Teamwork Competence and Self-Regulated Efficacy of Undergraduate Nursing Students

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Younghee Kim


This paper deals with learner-centered teaching methods according to the demand for improvement in university education. Project-based learning methods improve students’ self- learning and creative problem-solving ability. In clinical practice, creative problem-solving ability and teamwork competence are important among nurses’ competencies. This purpose of study was to apply a project-based learning method to curriculum to see changes in creative personality, teamwork competence, and self-regulated efficacy. This study conducted from September to December 2019 with 34 participants. To achieve this purpose, 34 students taking a health program development and evaluation course were tested for their creative personality, teamwork competence, and self-regulation efficacy. The analysis results showed that it is effective in creative personality, teamwork competency, and self-regulation efficacy (p<.001). It was found that teamwork competence and self-regulation efficacy had a positive correlation (p=.002). Therefore, the effect of project-based learning method used in nursing students was verified and indicates significance in increasing competency of undergraduate nursing students.

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