Perceived Social Support and Life Satisfaction: A Mediating Role of Quality of Life

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Dr. Preeti Tarkar


The purpose of the study is to examine the association between perceived social support, quality of life and life satisfaction after retirement through empirical examination. A sample of 300 government retired professionals was selected for conducting the study. Snowball sampling technique was used to collect the data for the study. In order to collect the data, a questionnaire was administered. SEM through AMOS was applied for data analysis to test the hypothesis. Based on the findings that quality of life of retired persons is significantly affected by the social support. Further, results show that life satisfaction is significantly affected by the quality of life. Overall model is significant. In this research the relationships between life satisfaction, quality of life and perceived social support were established. In order to enhance the quality of life and life satisfaction, family and friends support plays an important role in old age.

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