Acceptance of Halal Virtual Inspection: Halal Industry Perspective in Malaysia

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Nurulhuda Noordin, et. al.


This paper explores the factors influencing the acceptance of halal virtual inspection. Halal inspection is one of the main critical processes in Halal Certification system. However, due to the problems that occur in Halal Certification system, halal virtual inspection is proposed to overcome the problems. The technology acceptance model (TAM) was adapted as a baseline theory. Survey questionnaires were distributed to 86 respondents who are identified as halal industry players such as producers and consumers of food and beverages sector. The findings of this study reveal that perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, perceived enjoyment, amount of information, perceived security and trust are the main factors influencing halal virtual inspection acceptance. These factors could be used as a guideline to the halal service providers in order to achieve effective implementation, efficient and trusted halal virtual inspection.

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