The Experiences of a Graduate Student in the Course of Teleconference and Distance Education Applications

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Zeynep ÖZMEN


In our age, Technological developments continue rapidly. Like every field; technological developments brought about new applications too. One of the last technologies about education is distance education. Gökçe (2008); emphesised that while technological developments increased, distance education was used by universities to answer necessity of modern people’s renewal themselves. Learning needs that increase day by day towards developing technology need to distance education. In addition to this academians are also supposed to be well experienced and expert. Through this aim; in universities in under graduate and postgraduate programmes, teacher and academians candidates who are met with technology are provided to use information easily and have a lot of information about application progress. In this study it was planned to determine that investigators’ whom trained diffrenet field and choosed Applications of distance education and telekonferans difficulty, acquirements and changes of motivation and worries. It was thought that reflecting of this progress could be useful for other stıdents who trained different field and wanted to choose this lesson. The sample of this study has only one participant who was a graduate student in Math Education in Karadeniz Technical University.

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