Dynamic Geometry Software of Cabri’s Influence on 11 Grade Students’ to Learn in Trigonometry Issues

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Trigonometry, they often have difficulty teaching of teachers, students and the difficulty in learning a subject that is too complicated to be expressed. Rote learned about trigonometry formulas and theoretical knowledge of the show as a result of all the students can not learn enough about this and are developing a variety of misconceptions. In a study conducted in computer-aided environment courses to students' success in trigonometry is reported to have positive effects. Moving from the information in this study that dynamic geometry software of Cabri's on 11 grade students' success in trigonometry to determine the effect intended. The aim of these with in a selected high schools in the province of Trabzon, a total of 11 grade students with 51 (25 experimental, 26 control), a semi-experimental study was conducted. The subjects in the experimental group students according dynamic geometry software of Cabri with technology developed work sheets in an environment supporting the execution of the control group subjects were processed by traditional methods. The differences between experimental and control groups to determine the views of teachers, specialists and 10 item test was developed in line with an open-ended pre-test and post-test were used as test.

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