Implementation and Design of a Monitoring System for Tikrit Substation

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Omer Tareq Khattab, Dr. Mshari A Alshmmri, Dr. Mehdi J. Marie


Remote monitoring and control is an important issue for substation equipment, which is usually done manually, which leads to serious and costly problems, so it needs a control system to control and monitor the devices, which ensures the workflow of the station and know the type of restriction that has occurred. This paper proposed a system that monitors and controls Switchgear Located in the substation. Where the most important electrical parameters (voltage and current) in addition to (temperature, humidity and fire) are monitored and sent over the Wi-Fi network in real time via ESP32 to the program designed in the c# language, and these parameters are stored in the SQL server database . In addition to alerting about the type of event through the program and the buzzer.

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