To study the level of pay scale implementation in Post Graduate Business Management Institutes and Identify the Various Dimensions affecting the Pay Scale Implementation from Teachers’ perspective: With reference to University Affiliated, private and self

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Dr. Smita Temgire, Prof. Sonali Joshi


Education is the base of preserving human values and ethics. Higher education system has the
responsibility of generating/creating economic value of the upcoming generation thereby
mobilizing country’s economic activity. Educator plays the major role in this creation. The
salary structure further becomes an essential extrinsic factor that affects motivation and
retention of the educators in the management institutions. This research paper focuses on the
dimensions affecting pay scale of the educator of university affiliated, private and selffinancing
institutes. It also tries to find out the level of pay scale implementation and its
revision. Multiple Dichotomy analysis using SPSS21 is used to analyze the responses.

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