Development of Human Resource Management Activities in Vietnamese Private Companies

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Nguyen Hoang Tien, Rewel Jiminez Santural Jose, Syed Ehsan Ullah, Muhammad Sadiq


Human resource management is the coordination of activities to find, develop,
maintain, manage and facilitate human resources to operate through the organization, in order
to achieve the goals and direction of the organization. The important requirements of human
resource management is to find the right people, in the right quantity and at the right time
with conditions that satisfy both the business and the applicant. When choosing the right
candidate for the right position, both individual and business benefit. Human resource
management plays an essential role in the existence and development of enterprises. This is
reflected in the factors that help a business operate well or not, succeed or fail, thanks to the
people who are working at the enterprise with creativity, passion and love. Humans are
invaluable assets for businesses, as technical machines and material possessions can be
bought and copied, but people cannot.

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