Characteristics of The Drainage Network of the Abu Ghar Basin :A Hydrological Study

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Assistant Professor Dr. Adnan Odeh Flaih


The studies dealing with drainage water characteristics of the basins dry studies that gained wide
attention from geographers in general and hydrologists in particular , they contain indicators and
characteristics reflect the reality of geological and climate , as well as the human factor , and the
basin area of research is the Wadi Abu Gar , which is located between the brackets length- ̅ 48(
) ˚ 45and ) ˚ 46 -¯ 28( to the east, and latitudes ) 28 - ¯ 54( and ) ˚ 30- ̅ 37( north , and bordered
on the north low Alsalibat , hand south drilling sub From the east, the Wadi al -Athir basin ,and
from the west, Wadi Khanka and the Sudair basin

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