Cloud computing for mobile applications: outsourcing the deployment of virtual machines

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Tauseef Ahmad, S. P. Singha, Prashant Johri, Zafrul Hasan


Application offloading is a software-level technique for enhancing the compute
capabilities of smart mobile devices in mobile cloud computing. The use of additional
computational resources in the deployment and administration of VM on Smartphone is a
problematic component of such frameworks. Virtual Machine (VM) deployment necessitates the
use of computational resources for VM construction and configuration. The administration of
virtual machines (VMs) involves computer resource usage, VM lifecycle monitoring, and
physical resource management for VMs on smartphones. The goal of this project is to ensure that
virtual machine deployment and administration do not necessitate additional processing
resources on mobile devices for application offloading. VM deployment, application execution
times, and the simulation's total execution time are used to evaluate the success of VM
deployment and management in application processing. VM deployment and management,
according to the research, need additional resources on the computer host. As a result, deploying
virtual machines on smart mobile devices has become a heavyweight technique for offloading

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