Where Are You? Tracking Kid Nightmare!

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X.X. Gong, R.K. Daronovna, A.H. Wong, P.S. JosephNg


In recent years, missing children and child abduction have happened
frequently, which has sounded the alarm to every family with children. People pay
more attention to the safety and physical health of children. The most common child
trackers on the market are smart children's watches, but the products lack hidden
designs. Through a comparative analysis of the existing literature methodology, this
study found that the safety and health of children have become one of the problems of
globalization. The application will use existing GPS and GSM technology to design
new products with concealment that will be friendly to the kids, and yet convenient to
their parents. At the same time, it has a real-time tracking function and physical activity
record to meet the needs of parents for children's safety and health monitoring. This
study will expand the theoretical knowledge and inspire practical application.

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