The Praxis of Literacy Learning Through Creating Digital Short Story Trailersin EFL Context

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Sophia Fithri Al-Munawwarah, Gin Gin Gustine, Bachrudin Musthafa


It is safe to say that the praxis of literacy teaching in language classroom has been increasingly
growing. Hence, to add this flourishing field of research, the present study portrayed the use of
technology in promoting students’ literacy. This article delineated the ways students learn literacy by
utilizing technology. Specifically, this paperreported the benefits and challenges of designing digital
short story trailers as the result of nurturing EFL readers into storytellers.Moreover, critical questions
were posed to assist the participants in developing their idea while designing the video
trailers.Empirical data were obtained through observation and interview with eleventh undergraduate
student teachers who were voluntarily involved in this descriptive study. Based on the data, findings
showed that the activities were successfully help students in pitching the given short story by
producing two videos as the result of story reading. Besides, the activity built enjoyable learning
experience since the learners wereenthusiastic during the lessons. Moreover, the primary challenges
uttered by the participants were their English grammar skills and time limitation. Referring to the
aforementioned findings, the pedagogical implication of this research is that integrating appropriate
technology to design digital short story trailer in order to promote students’ literacy can be an
alternative way in conducting reading course in this digital era.

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