Design And Experimental Validation Of Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller For Robotic Manipulators

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Mr.S.C. Kalshetti, et. al.


Robotic manipulators are multi-input multi-output (MIMO), nonlinear having most of the dynamic parameters which are uncertain. Hence there is requirement for designing a high performance nonlinear controller for handling uncertainties. Today, strong mathematical tools are used in new control methodologies to design adaptive nonlinear robust controller with acceptable performance. One of the best nonlinear robust controllers which can be used in uncertainty nonlinear systems is sliding mode controller. Proposed adaptive fuzzy sliding mode controller based on fuzzy logic controller integrated with sliding mode framework is used to provide the adaptation in order to eliminate the high frequency oscillation and adjust the linear sliding surface slope in presence of many different disturbances and to get the best coefficients for the sliding surface. Finally, the proposed methodology can be applied to a three-link robot manipulator including model uncertainty and external disturbances as a case study.

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