John Donne’s Attitude towards Women, Deconstructing the Taboo; A Study of Select Poems of John Donne

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Mohd Ibrahim Khan, et. al


John Donne is persistently writing about women and gender portrayal, both unambiguously and indirectly through analogy and metaphor. He can be seen seldom praising women in his poetry and sometimes could be perceived as sarcastic and scorning them. He recurrently practices women as a body for the subject of his poetry. John Donne appears to be infatuated in women whose desire for them is purely for the theme of his poetry. He incredulously trusts that womenfolk are neither divine being nor totally truthful; they are born with all the moral and human imperfections. Therefore, Donne’s approach towards women folk is infrequently misogynistic and distrustful. Donne ironically arguments, that, it is utterly difficult to discover a persistent and an honest lady anywhere in this entire world. This paper explores, how John Donne portrays women in his poetr


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