Analysis of Cybercrime Investigation Mechanism and Counsel of Defense in India

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M. Elavarasi, et. al.


Cybercrime is an evolving crime when compare to other mode of crimes. It is rapidly increasing day by day. The law enforcement agencies in India should be more responsible in identifying this type of crimes.  Cybercrimes are increasing but lack of cyber forensic experts to handle the crimes by using forensic tools. In India, we must increase the no of forensic experts and trained police officials and giving training for judicial officers.

Now a day’s computers and other IT enabled devices are the tools for committing technical crimes by the criminals. The offences are listed as kidnapping, homicide, cheating, forgery and counterfeiting. Terrorist also using the gadgets like smart phones, tablet, IT enabled devices and encrypted pen drives for committing cybercrimes. In this paper, we are going to discuss about the investigation methodology followed by the police department and the counsel of defence in court in India.


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