Seeking Measures to Reinforce Accessibility of Fire Fighting Facilities Engineer to Practical Business: Focusing on Information Asymmetry

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Seo Young, Kim
Ha Sung Kong


In this study, to identify the problem between the contents used in the current field practical business and the qualification system and to foster the talents to input in the field business immediately with the field practical business-oriented education, they were examined in the perspective of the adverse selection, moral hazard and the principal-agent problem, which are the information asymmetry. In the perspective of adverse selection, the problem of question design and the difference with the field practical business were presented. For their solutions, the measure to select the question designer having abundant field experience and the measure to introduce the portfolio system after practicing certain period were suggested. In the perspective of moral hazard, the provision of the qualification rental penalty and the unexpected crackdown would be expanded. For the principal-agent problem, the problem of poor fire protection facilities construction and supervision was presented and the solution that it is necessary to reinforce the provision of penalty and the monitoring and supervision through the multiple agent was suggested. Through this study, it was observed that it is necessary to guarantee the safety of the people and to check other qualifications related to fire protection. In addition, it is expected that this study would be utilized to reinforce the fire fighting facilities engineer’s accessibility to the field practical business.

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