Efficient Operation Plan of 119 Comprehensive Situation Room According to the Nature of Disaster Response in Korea

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Byeong Cheol, Kim
Ha Sung Kong


This study presented efficient problems and improvement measures according to the nature of disaster response in the 119 General Situation Room, which handles most of the disaster response. The results of the study are as follows. First, it is necessary to distinguish emergency and non-emergency reports in order to enhance urgency and speed. It was also proposed to organize a fire, rescue, and emergency team as a firefighter with abundant working experience in emergency reports such as fire, rescue, and emergency reports, and to organize and operate a life safety team as a general firefighter. Second, it is necessary to operate an emergency rescue standard system by separating the reception desk, command, and control unit to enhance expertise. In addition, it is necessary to establish a situation management team within 119 comprehensive situation rooms across the country and transfer the information and communication team to 119 comprehensive situation rooms. Third, it is necessary to give clear responsibility and authority to field commanders in terms of decentralization so that dispatched firefighters can be properly deployed and coordinated. Finally, flexibility in organizational operations is needed in terms of appropriate decision making.

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