The impact of mind-clearing method in teaching reading book to second class intermediate students

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Lect. Dr. Khamael Shakir Ghanim, Asst. Prof. Rafid Sabah Abdul Redha


The current research aims at knowing the impact of the mind-clearing method in teaching second year intermediate
students “reading book”. To achieve the study objective, the researchers intentionally chose Arjwan middle school,
located in Baghdad Directorate of Education Al-Rusafa/2, which includes five classes for the second intermediate
class. Division (A) was chosen randomly to represent the experimental group, which is taught in the mind-clearing
method, while Division (B) represented the control group, which is taught in the traditional way. The sample of the
research included (79) female students divided into (39) students in the experimental group, and (40) female
students in the control group.To achieve the objective of the research, the researchers put the following null
hypothesis:There is no statistically significant difference between the average scores of the experimental group
students who study (reading) according to the mind-clearing method, and the average scores of the control group
students who study (reading) according to the traditional method. The researchers rewarded the students of the two
research groups in the following variables: chronological age calculated in months, Arabic language subject grades
for the previous year (2016/2017), and parents’ academic achievement. The researchers employed the t-test for two
independent samples (t-test) to find out the significance of the difference at the level (0.05) between the two research
groups according to the traditional method.

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