Computer Self-Efficacy and Organizational Culture In Affecting Technology Acceptance Model

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Ulfah Mediaty Arief et al.


As the leading provider of education, teachers need to have high technology adoption skills. There is LMS technology in inputs that can streamline learning practices. Mostly with inclusion of the impact of organizational culture and machine self-efficacy on LMS Schoology, this study aims to see the capacity of technology acceptance by teachers using the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM).The results of the study using the model described above for teachers in the cities of Salatiga and Boyolali show that organizational culture does not have a major impact on attitude or purpose to use towards LMS Schoology.The self-efficacy of computers may not affect perceived utility, but has a substantial impact on perceived ease of use. The model also indicates that teachers, while they find it difficult to incorporate it, have a positive attitude towards the nature of LMS technology.

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