Development Of Environmentally Friendly School Model In Biak Numfor Regency Of Papua Province

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Sultan Rasyid, et. al.


According to Law No. 23 of 1997, theenvironmentis a unitaryspacewithallobjects, forces, conditions, andlivingthings, including human sand their behavior, which affect the continuity of life and the welf are of humans and other living creatures. While the school environmentis the second main educational environment. Students, teachers, administrators, counselor slive to gether and carry out regular and well-planned education(Hasbullah, 2013:36). According toDalyono (2010:131) school environment is one of the factors that contribute to the growth and development of children, especiallyfortheir intelligence. According to Oemar Hamalik (2009:6) school environment is a placetoteachandlearn. So, itcanbesaidthatthe school environment is the state of the school wherelearningtoteachthatalsoaffectsthesuccessrate of students' learning (MuhibbinSyah, 2010:152).

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