A Study on Target Detection using Covariance Correlation Matrix of Spatial Adaptive Processing

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In this paper, we study for direction of arrival estimation of the desired target in spatial adaptive processing system. The interference signal removed by using the optimal weight of the covariance correlation matrix in order to estimate desired target signal. The spatial adaptive processing system updates the weight of the direction of arrival algorithm to estimate the desired signal. The weight update use an adaptive algorithm such as


MUSIC. The optimal weight is obtained by Lagrange multiplier and the covariance correlation matrix. The covariance correlation matrix applies signal phase matching and uses the output power spectrum of the direct of arrival algorithm to estimate the desired target direction. We compare the performance of the proposed method with the existing method by computer simulation. The existing method has poor resolution due to phase errors of 5o and -3o in the estimation of three targets [10o, 20o, 30o]. While, the method proposed in this study accurately estimated the desired three targets. This study proved that the proposed method is superior to the existing method as a result simulation result.

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