Decision Support System with Simple Additive Weighting Method for Selection of Organizational Leaders

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Yuhelmi, et. al.


This study aims to determine a leader from 4 existing candidates (Aan, Andi, Fianri, Wendi) so that it can be decided which candidate is the right to lead an organization. Decision Support System as a computer-based system that assists in the decision making process. DSS as an adaptive, interactive, flexible, computer-based information system specifically developed to support solutions from unstructured management issues to improve the quality of decision making. The Simple Additive Weigthing method is often also known as the weighted summing method. The basic concept of the Simple Additive Weigthing method is to find the weighted sum of performance ratings on each alternative on all attributes. The Simple Additive Weigthing method requires the decision matrix normalization process (X) to a scale that can be compared with all available alternative ratings. As for the data collection methods used in this study are literature studies, observations and interviews. The results of this study are based on the four candidates above using the Wendi Simple Additive Weigthing method chosen as the leade

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