Managing LearningThrough Mathematical Literacy Based on Cognitive Load

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Andes Safarandes Asmara, St Budi Waluya, Hardi Suyitno, Iwan Junaedi


The object of mind is something that must be taught by the teacher to the student in the form of learning, or we know that the teaching is the process ofinteraction between students, between students and teachers, and learning resources in the learning environment so that with it we as educators need to optimize thestudent's thought process so that students can be optimal for information. There are three sources of how students obtain optimization in the learning process, namely: intrinsic cognitive load (dependingon the difficulty level of amaterial), extraneous cognitive load (depending on the presentation of thematerial) and germane cognitive load (whichis imposed by teaching methods that lead to better learning outcomes). the results showed that the interactive element is well managed and extraneous cognitive load is suppressed to a mable so that it creates a large enough germane cognitive load.

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