Smart Sustainable approach to improve King Faisal Students’ University housing interior design and Identity

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Amira S. Abouelela


Environmental Sustainability has become of global importance and trend in interior design and architecture, contributing to providing a safe urban environment at the individual and community level to ensure its continuity for future generations while limiting the depletion of natural resources and minimizing the negative impacts on the environment. Whereas, the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 AD, put the environment and sustainable development among its main goals, so that sustainability becomes a way of life that is supported and applied in society with environmental standards that raise the efficiency of energy and water consumption and improve the quality of life. The new identity of King Faisal University looks forward to contributing to achieving environmental sustainability in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which explains the role of higher education institutions in achieving sustainable development and providing a stimulating university environment that keeps pace with technology. The study problem was identified in the main challenges related to the environmental sustainability of King Faisal University represented in the student housing units to reduce the negative impacts on the environment on campus in general and student housing in particular. The study aims to achieve sustainable design as one of the modern trends in architectural thought and interior design of student housing units at King Faisal University and its positive impact on students and their psychological health, Understanding an integral part of society and everything that affects society affects students and the educational process for each student, by finding smart interior design solutions in a new and innovative way that achieves the concept of sustainability and depends on the efficient use of environmental resources, making the university a sustainable and environmentally friendly society. The researcher used the descriptive, analytical and experimental approach by studying the smart interior designs proposed for student housing units and their requirements.The study highlighted the role of sustainable interior design thinking and sustainable environmental materials in achieving the quality of student housing units at King Faisal University as a decisive and necessary step in building a more sustainable future on campus capable of addressing some issues related to the environment.


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Amira S. Abouelela. (2021). Smart Sustainable approach to improve King Faisal Students’ University housing interior design and Identity. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(12), 2542–2560.