Smart Cart For Automatic Billing With Integrated Rfid System

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Shaikh Farhan Shahnoor, et. al.


Visiting a supermarket is something we all do at some point or another. It offers so many options under a single roof that it only makes it relevant and convenient. It however comes with its own drawbacks much like anything does. Currently, the billing in supermarket is done only at the billing counters with a barcode scanner. This system not only may cause bottlenecks at the counters but if any system experiences any technical issues or a customer engages the worker, it can cause major lapse of productivity. To tackle this issue, an automated smart shopping system is proposed, introducing the concept of readable passive RFID tags. In this system, an inexpensive RFID tag is embedded within each product. When the product is placed into a smart cart, the product detail is automatically read by the cart equipped with an RFID reader. Hence, billing is made from the shopping cart itself preventing customers from waiting in a long queue at checkout. Also, price of the product is displayed along with other additional details. Moreover, it helps with social distancing norms by preventing crowded billing areas. Finally, the checkout points can validate the purchased items by the client.


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et. al., S. F. S. . (2021). Smart Cart For Automatic Billing With Integrated Rfid System. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(12), 2487–2493.
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