Design And Implementation Of Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot.

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Mohith S Reddy, et. al.


This paper reports the design and development of an Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot. The project mainly focuses on developing a robot that can go to places where a fireman has to risk his life and go put off the fire. Fire disasters can occur anytime at any place and result in high losses. Due to the damage of buildings and explosive materials, it becomes a major task to save people and to stop a disaster. With such constraints in the handling of fire, a technological breakthrough that can help to fight the fire utilizing a fire fighting robot from which people and properties can be saved from the fire accidents. With the advancement of technology, humans are replaced with robots in life-risking situations. In the proposed system, we develop a robot that automatically detects, navigates, and suppress the fire before it rages out of control. The system automatically detects the fire using the flame sensors attached to the firefighting robot, which will continuously monitor the intensity of the fire. If the value of temperature increases above the predefined value it will send the warning message to the corresponding authority using the GSM module and at the same time robot automatically navigate towards the detected fire. Consequently, the robot moves in the direction to which the temperature recorded to be relatively very high among three flame sensors using an L293 motor driver. Once the robot reaches near the fire, Arduino actuates the relay and the pump will automatically on for the water to be sprinkled through the sprinkler. By implementing the proposed system, any fire disasters can be avoided with a minimal amount of damage to property and risk of human life.


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et. al., M. S. R. . (2021). Design And Implementation Of Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(12), 2437–2441.