An Effective Solid Waste Management for Modern Cities based on IoT

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Theetchenya.S, et. al.


The amount of solid waste generated in recent years has increased significantly. Solid waste disposal can be a serious and difficult environmental problem in many developing countries. So, you need an effective structure to solve or alleviate this problem. Today, all governments in the world are trying to develop smart cities or convert existing cities into smart cities. Solid waste management can be a major environmental issue, and smart city infrastructure needs to take social impact seriously. This article examines the development of this process in developing countries using common Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, along with research into waste management systems and well-defined waste management systems. Waste management focuses on the health impact of waste. This study demonstrates the effectiveness of waste management using IoT technologies that are well known to the public. This greatly eliminates the impact of waste on human well-being. Overcome critical obstacles such as time and money management, and a safe environment


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et. al., T. . (2021). An Effective Solid Waste Management for Modern Cities based on IoT. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 12(10), 4909–4917.