Decentralised Artificial Intelligence Enabled Blockchain Network Model

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Dr Sakthi Kumaresh, et. al.


Blockchain and Artificial intelligence are novel technologies which take prominent place across all industries. AI refers to intelligent tasks that are carried out by machines which in-turn are done by humans in olden days. Blockchain a collection of decentralised networks which revolutionizes and upgrades the business operations. Blockchain creates a decentralised environment that shares data which is in encrypted form between ledgers in a confidential way without the involvement of any third party. Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence has been shaping their paths with a slight overlap of their own. Combined decentralised AI networks enables the businesses to take decisions without the need of centralised control activity. Block chain consists of nodes and it follows distributed ledger technology; Proof of Work (PoW) consensus algorithm used in blockchain makes use of lot of computing power and energy for the miners to get reward. To overcome this difficulty, this paper proposes AI enabled Miner Node Selection Algorithm in Block chain Networks based on PoW consensus algorithm. The paper presents a miner node selection with PoW in blockchain which reduce data storage in blockchain by data pruning technique. By executing this algorithm in blockchain network, unbiased blockchain implementation will be easier. The integration of AI with the implementation of blockchain enhances the efficiency of blockchain network by reducing the computational power, energy and time spent in selection of the node which is evident in our experimental results.


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