Intelligent and Deep Learning Collaborative method for E-Learning Educational Platform using TensorFlow

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Manikandan. S, et. al.


Nowadays, online learning is platforms are played important role for all the communities. Sitting one place accessing whole world and share their contents through internet media such as webinars, social media, etc. In this paper, we use deep learning method to analyse E-learning platforms using Google TensorFlow. In this model has processing natural language data, convolution neural network and recurrent neural network models. We have identified the clustering of E-learning platforms using content wise, domain wise and selection wise in which we can easily apply association rule mining for identifying prioritization. Those who are accessing the E-learning platforms can be collected and apply Apriori algorithm is used for clustering. We used semantic method for combination of cluster and association rule finding score. In this approach we give prediction result for which platform are used more useful of learning community and gives comparative study of various learning systems. The result is evaluated by using TensorFlow and compares the performance.

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