Novel Energy Efficient Clustering Approach For Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks

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Rashid Mustafa, et. al.


The cognitive radio has been proposed as a promising technology to effectively utilize the radio spectrum to allow unlicensed users by allocating the spectrum dynamically on a non-interfering basis. The main challenge of cooperative spectrum sensing is the control channel overhead when the number of cognitive users becomes very large. Therefore, Cluster-based approach is applied to avoid the congestion on the control channel and reduce the sensing time. In this paper, an energy-efficient clustering approach is applied for electing cluster head in a distributed way assuming that a cluster head with more energy is selected in each round and sends the information to the fusion centre. The simulation results prove that the energy-efficient clustering approach enhances the lifetime of cognitive radio sensor network and try to maintain a balance energy consumption of cognitive users. The proposed approach shows that it is more robust than other conventional schemes in term of energy consumption.

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