RFID-based Authentication System for Agriculture Application

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Dr. M.Murali, et. al.


This article proposes a design of smart and secure system topology for login using a RFID technology. Proposed technology ensures better safety, security and protection of your valuable data. The valuable information has been protected for computer hardware system and hence it is protected with login password. The more passwords for various data access such as laptops, IOT devices and to access cloud information. The very important application related to password protection and access data cloud field is agriculture. Due many hackers and IOT devices are enabled by many users hence its not safe to type and reuse password in many place led to leave of password. The proposed system develops safe and secure Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technique apply to IOT cloud architecture for enabling device and access the data to login and password device to share and open data yourself in a secured manner. The proposed device is plug-in concept device in IOT device so that system will require authenticate corresponds to operate the drive. If any misuse of that device face automation is enable hence to share safe data all around related to field of agriculture..

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