A knowledge based System for diagnosis of Varicella (Chickenpox) and Measles diseases in children at kindergarten age based on IOT

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Nadia Mahmood Hussien , et. al.


In childhood diseases, the varicella (chickenpox) and measles diseases considered an important condition. In this research we have designed and implemented an expert knowledge-based system utilizing IOT for early diagnosis of these diseases for children in kindergarten. The system was developed according to an object-oriented software engineering paradigm using UML tools. Also it developed based specific roles in web domain using IoT environment. Furthermore the system able to send a message contains all details on the infection type and description on the disease to the parents. This system can be used by kindergartens or parents as a domestic application for early diagnosis of the disease through the symptoms that appear on the affected child. The knowledge – based system was implemented using python 3.8. The results observe a significant response for detecting and diagnosis the Varicella (Chickenpox) and Measles diseases

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