Asymptotics and Quotient Spaces of Solutions of Operator-Difference Equations and Differential Equations with Small Delay

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Zhumagul Zheentaeva


Formerly, in order to conduct the in-depth study of differential equations with delay, the author proposed the method of splitting the solution space reducing such equations to the systems of operator-difference equations. Using this method, the author assumed new conditions, i.e. the absolute domains for coefficients sufficient for the existence of special (slowly changing) solutions, and proved the presence of approximating and asymptotically approximating properties in them, as well as the asymptotic one-dimensional space of solutions of the initial problems for linear scalar differential equations with insignificantly retarded argument and the corresponding operator-difference equation systems (special solutions correspond, to the solutions with a slowly changing first component and a relatively small second component). For the purposes of the single-point representation of the obtained results and other data related to the theory of dynamic systems (the distance between the solution values tends to zero alongside the unlimited increase in argument), throughout this research paper the author uses the concept of the asymptotic equivalence of solutions for dynamic systems, as it was introduced by the author in their previous research. In order to shape the new mathematical objects, the concept of asymptotic Hausdorff equivalence of solutions for dynamic systems is introduced (the distance between solution values tends to zero with unlimited increase in argument of one solution and monotonic transformation of argument of another solution).

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