Understanding Employee Engagement Strategies Of Demos Project Pvt Ltd, Chennai

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Dr A Sarasu, et. al.


Employee engagement is progressively more viewed as one constituent in determining the health of any business concern, along with the conventional methods of sales, profit, cash flow, and customer satisfaction. Four out of every five employees worldwide do not deliver their full potential to help their organization succeed and thus understanding the employees has become very important for anyorganisation(Gebauer et al., 2008). Other researchers state that employee engagement is the best tool in the company’s efforts to gain competitive advantages and stay competitive. Therefore, the construct of employee engagement has been an area of interest among many researchers and consultancy firms, and received its recognition in the management literature and among practitioners. To have an advantage over other organizations and to be on top in the market it is very much essential to involve high employee engagement strategies. This project discusses the various employee engagement strategies used in Demos Project Pvt. Ltd.,.

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