Employees Perception and Satisfaction Towards Traditional (Office) Culture and Work From Home Culture

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Dr A Sarasu,


Business senses its success depends on the job satisfaction of its employees. It is an essential key part of any organization. There is a need to understand the job satisfaction and need of employees for better output. It will help in increasing business activities.   Nowadays most of the employees work from a virtual space which indented the researcher to take up this study on “Employees perception and satisfaction towards traditional (office) culture and work from home culture”, concentrating on the Pandemic situation COVID19. This study was conducted using a primary data collected from the employees of various sectors. This shows that majority of respondents are satisfied with their work from home culture than their traditional office culture and even though they are interested in doing routines only at the office culture, this is due to psychological behaviour of humans. This study focused on the current pandemic and the level of employee satisfaction towards their job and technological arrangements like communication and connectivity. The researcher used SPSS statistical software to analyse and interpret the data thereof.

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