Flood Detection and Avoidance System using IoT

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Mallangi Surya Prakash Reddy , et. al.


Flooding is one of the major disasters across major geographical locations in the world. Due to this disaster majority of people had lost their livelihood. In recent times we can see the major natural disaster occurred in our country in those disasters flooding in the major one, due to this natural calamity all over India majority of people have lost their survival and lost their beloved one's heavy property damage has also occurred. To rectify this major problem, we have developed a solution with the help of IoT and data sciences. This model is very much useful in monitoring the water level variations in various water resources like rivers, dams, reservoirs. The sensor technology values are monitored and stored regularly in the cloud server which is useful to visualize flood and with the help of IFTTT alerts to corresponding authorities like nearby police stations and NSS, CRPF camp people to take proper action. With the help of data visualizations and the KNN algorithm, we will find the place where we can place this device. These complete data are going to be updated to our web page we are developing for this project. In addition to this model, we are again going to use sensors and automatically lift the dam gates. The model was designed and developed to monitor and control the disaster in this Intelligent system that will control the overall water management. Subsequently, the system will alert the authorities to reduce the impact that is going to happen when the flood is going to occur.


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