A Cross-National Comparison of Statistics Curricula

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Aslıhan Batur, Zeynep Medine Özmen, Beyda Topan, Kemal Akoğlu, Bülent Güven


The purpose of this study is to compare Turkey to several other countries such as Singapore, Korea, the United States, and New Zealand according to the field of statistics learning in the curriculum. GAISE (Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education) framework suggests using the components of statistical process (formulate question, collect data, analyze data, interpret results) and developmental levels of statistical process (Levels A, B, and C) in such comparisons. It is found that in both Korea and Turkey, the number of learning outcomes of statistics, as well as the weight of learning outcomes in the curriculum, have been having a weaker profile than in other countries. The field of statistics learning is mostly condensed around Level A in Turkey. On the other hand, other countries in the study included more Level B and C. Considering the importance of statistics instruction, Turkey's national mathematics curriculum needs improvements in its field of statistical learning. This study suggests designing and developing new standards for teaching statistics that deal with higher developmental levels of statistical process.

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