Synthesizing Cybersecurity Issues And Challenges For The Elderly

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Nurul Huda Nik Zulkipli, et. al.


There are millions of users using the Internet daily including senior citizens or the elderly. This group is defined for users who are in the age range of 50-60 years old. In cybersecurity, the elderly is one of the most vulnerable groups of Internet users that is prone to cyberattacks. They are always the target and victimized by attackers, especially in cybercrime cases. However, not many pieces of research have been done on this specific group of users. Therefore, this paper will review and discuss cybersecurity issues and challenges involving the elderly.  The main objective of this paper is to investigate the critical factors that contribute to the involvement of the elderly in cybercrime. It also includes the patterns of Internet usage, level of IT knowledge, and their awareness of the danger in the digital world. One of the reasons for the surge of the cyberattack vectors is due to lack of awareness on cybersecurity defence among Internet users. From the literature synthesized, the outcome of this paper proposes a framework of cybersecurity awareness for the elderly which can be used as a guide to educate and prevent them from being exploited in cybercrime.

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