A Study on Impact of Covid-19 Over Employee Mental Wellness

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Dr. Ankita Saxena


Due to the current unprecedented catastrophe situation, the entire world is struggling hard not only in terms of physical health but in terms of mental wellness too. The people are surrounded by various uncertainties. The present time is giving rise to various distress like anxiety, depression, mental burnout. With the help of conceptual study, we analyzed the influence of present epidemic condition on employee psychological wellness. By drawing certain stressors like unemployment, job cuts, isolation, financial worries, zoom fatigue, panic buying, we measured the impact on mental well-being logically by critically examining the available literature. The search for articles was made in Google scholar, Web of Science scholar. Further, the study reveals that individuals are such a lot of terrified of getting COVID-19 that they are even ending up their life because of panic stigma or due to socio-economic reasons. Finally, we have proposed that how the role of HRM can be used as a way of handling such problem by introducing various organizational initiatives like building a strong emotional and psychological connect with their employees, providing word of assurance to curtail the hitches which employees are facing.

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