Development of Drone Mounted BLDC Motor Stator using Multi Stacked Structure of Cartridge

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Hun Oh


Received:11 november 2020; Accepted: 27 December 2020; Published online: 05 April 2021

Abstract: Drones are used in agriculture and external control, utilizing cameras, various sensors, and autonomous flight functions. However, it is difficult to fly for a long time because of flying with heavy equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the flight time through lightening of the drone itself and efficient control of the BLDC motor. That is, it is necessary to improve the motor itself, which accounts for most of the energy consumption in drone flight. Stator fabrication of existing BLDC motors is done by winding copper wires through individual processes on the stator core through an automated process. However, in the case of an ultra-small BLDC motor, the stator core has a small size and is manufactured using a thin-diameter copper conductor, and thus has a lot of problems in the automation process. Therefore, in this paper, the multi-division coupling structure method of individual teeth of the stator was applied through a new type of BLDC motor stator design. That is, the cartridge type BLDC motor stator was applied to improve and reduce the BLDC motor stator method. Through this, the performance limit of the BLDC motor was improved by combining individual teeth with multiple cartridges. The cartridge type BLDC motor is manufactured by stacking several cartridges on each tooth. Therefore, various performances can be produced according to the connection state of the cartridges


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